Type of Course Summer
Areas of Study Hospitality, Design, Architecture



The program aims at providing students with the necessary tools and knowledge to develop successful architectural design skills and ensure the adequate implementation of a hotel project. The main objective of the course is to understand the design process and subsequent construction of a hotel, from the construction and managerial point of view, so that is valid for students from different specialties. 

Start Monday 30 June 2014
End Thursday 17 July 2014 / 24 July 2014 (4 week option)
Deadline for application 31 May 2014 (10% Early Bird Discount for applications received before 15 May 2014)
Eligibility Undergraduate Students, young professionals
Credits 4 ECTS/10 ECTS (4 week option)
Language Spanish
Hours of instruction 100 / 125 (4 week option), including lectures, group work, study, professional activities, etc.
Other sessions available Winter School 2015 / Summer School 2015
Related Courses Hotel Management Program – Semester Program
Remarks Courses may be subject to change.