GCCG Pla estudis



The Final Project represents the culmination of the degree learning process, where the acquired competences, their implementation and development are reflected.

It involves either a research or implementation project where students deepen into a specific matter of the chosen career path and depending on their interests and professional motivations.

A PFG adapted to students’ motivation

Individual: Student develop their own research under the guidance of a tutor. They can also focus their PFC on developing a project in companies, institutions or non-governmental organizations (at local or international levels ) .

Group: Students develop their project by participating in a research group, under direct supervision of a team member teacher. They also have the opportunity to participate in interuniversity groups with students from different universities / countries.




UB and UPC have a long tradition of relationship and co -operation with foreign universities. Besides, the classroom becomes a meeting point for international students, which enriches the cultural and social aspects of university life.

Seniors students have the opportunity to participate in international exchange programs and study in a foreign university during academic periods. The Erasmus Programme has the highest participation rates of students, but there are also general and specific agreements with similar conditions which allow exchanges with universities in Europe and other continents. Moreover, students can be placed in internships abroad, an experience that allows them to develop language skills and adapt to multicultural environments, expand professional knowledge and personal growth, and last but not least, add value to their curriculum.

Last modification: 28/11/2016