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International study abroad regulations

Program characteristics


List of universities

Application procedure and deadlines

Before studying abroad

During your Erasmus stay

At the end of your Erasmus stay


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Program characteristics

The study abroad programs offered to EUHT CETT-UB students differ depending on the destination country. Exchange agreements within the framework of the Erasmus Program are offered with all countries in the European Area.

Alternatively, and with the aim of increasing opportunities for our students, bilateral exchange agreements have also been established with universities outside of the European Area.

In both cases the characteristics of the programs are as follows:

  • The exchange period is generally one semester, with the possibility of extending your stay for another semester. 
  • Students are guaranteed academic recognition from the UB (CETT) for the courses taken and passed at the foreign university.
  • Enrollment: Students must be enrolled in the CETT Degree in Tourism; in exchange, they will be exempt from paying for enrollment at the foreign destination university, except for small fees corresponding to third-party insurance, student unions, etc.
  • Financial assistance proportional to the duration in months of the study abroad program (to cover part of the expenses incurred during the exchange period)

Access to assistance will vary depending on if the student is participating in an Erasmus Program or a Bilateral Agreement. For the latter, students may not receive the assistance granted by the Ministry of Education and Science and the European Community.

Language courses offered to ERASMUS students before leaving for the recipient European university, or during their stay. Students will be informed of application periods via email.


EUHT CETT-UB students who meet the following requirements may apply to these programs: 


  • Be enrolled in the EUHT CETT-UB during the academic year    
  • Have passed at least 60 credits in the degree program at the time of application     
  • Have at least 15 degree credits pending that are related to the exchange during the academic year in which the student would like to study abroad This minimum is considered with regard to the number of credits necessary to obtain the degree.      
  • Languages: Each university establishes language level requirements for acceptance: in any event, students must be taking their second year of English or higher. 
  • Demonstrate a commitment to finalizing enrollment for the year the student wants to study abroad.
  • Criteria for awarding places:

               Grades from the student's academic transcript.

               The number of credits passed and those that remain to complete the degree.

           That the student has a sufficient language level to be able to participate in the activities of the destination university.


List of universities

- European Countries: Information on Universities

- Other Countries: Information on Universities


See foreign universities on a larger map 







At the UNIVERSITY OF BARCELONA: Fill out the online application, print the document, and hand in a signed copy to the Registrar's office along with:

- Curriculum Vitae

- Passport size photo

- Printed copy of academic transcript

Deadline: January 29, 2015

Help Manual



Decisions will be published February 19



Present the acceptance or withdrawal document signed by the student in the CETT Registrar's Office.

Deadline for acceptance or withdrawal by student: March 5, 2015


Selected students will have access to information on the procedures to follow after the official deadline for acceptance decisions.

Before studying abroad 

  • It is absolutely necessary that you check the website of the corresponding university to find information on the courses offered to international students and to fill in the recognition document from the *EUHT *CETT with the courses that you believe could be recognized.
  • This document must be sent to before June 15, 2015 in order to obtain verification and to be able to process enrollment for the next year.
  • Carry out all of the procedures required by the University of Barcelona using the application Online Mobility Service, SOP. If you have questions about these procedures, you can consult the help manual.
  • Carry out all of the procedures required by the foreign university in order to formalize your stay (check the international section on the university's website).
  • You must fill out the "Learning Agreement" and "Academic Equivalence" forms from the University of Barcelona, and they must be signed by you and by EUHT CETT.


During your Erasmus stay

At the end of your international stay


  • It is important that at the end of your stay you contact your Erasmus coordinator at the destination university so they can confirm when you will have your grades for all of the courses you took.
  • You must have the certification for ALL of your grades in order to process recognition on your transcript.
  • If you did not pass all of the credits you planned on taking, the criteria for deciding which courses will be recognized should be guided firstly by the number of credits, and then by the similarities in terms of the areas of knowledge and, lastly, by the classes taken as part of the Tourism Degree.
  • Upload the required documentation in the University of Barcelona Mobility Service application. A failure to do so will mean you will not be able to receive the corresponding part of the Erasmus scholarship.




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