Eligible candidates for the Alimara Awards are those entities related to the tourism sector, in the following three categories:

Alimara Destination Awards


  1. Institutions within the state, region, or autonomous territory.
  2. Local institutions and those within the district.    

Alimara Business Awards


  1. Large companies
  2. Small and medium sized companies, foundations, associations, organizations.

Alimara CAT Award

CETT together with the International Tourism Fair B>Travel and the Generalitat de Catalunya (Department of Linguistic Policies and the Department of Tourism) award this CAT prize for efforts in promoting tourism in Catalan to businesses and institutions that are not directly associated with Catalan linguistics.

Therefore, all companies and institutions located outside of the territories in which Catalan is the official language are eligible for the Alimara CAT Award. Not eligible are those companies and entities within Catalonia, Valencia, the Balearic Islands and Andorra.

In particular, this award recognizes the use of the Catalan language, as well as creativity and innovation.
These three categories of the Alimara Awards are evaluated by a panel of judges made up of representatives from the tourism sector and the field of tourism communication, as well as those from the graphic arts and digital production.

Alimara CETT Student Award

CETT students grant an Alimara award to the promotional campaign from the aforementioned categories which receives the majority of their votes.


In addition, with approval from the judges, CETT presents awards in the two following categories:

Alimara CETT Mass Media Award

CETT, with approval from the panel of judges, can grant an award for Mass Media to a media source which has made an outstanding contribution to the promotion of tourism in 2015.

Alimara CETT Special Award

CETT, with the approval of the judges, can grant a Special Award to those institutions, companies, or persons who deserve special recognition for their hard work and dedication to the tourism sector and innovation in publicity.

Shortly, we will inform you about the participation in the Alimara Awards 2017.


*The organizing body is not responsible for the authenticity of the materials presented. Participants in the contest must completely accept all of its rules.