Conference on Innovation in Tourist Promotion     

The Conference on Innovation in Tourist Promotion was an academic and professional meeting, covering different fields of  marketing and innovation applied to the promotion of the tourist sector. Organized in the context of the 30th Edition of the Alimara Awards.

The day before, the 3rd of April, we celebrated the "Night of the CETT-SITC Alimara Awards" and  from April 4th till 6th, the Catalan Tradefair of Tourism: SITC.
The Conference began at 9.00 am with a lecture about "The incorporation of innovation in the tourism promotion" and it was about two main themes:

1. The tourist destinations : how relevant tourist destinations are developing their tourist promotion strategy based on the differential value of their territory.
2. Tourist  outbound markets and emerging sectors:
  • China and Russia: the challenges and opportunities offered by these 2  main emerging countries.
  • The GLBT segment .
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