What are the Alimara Awards? 

CETT is an international tourism and hotel management training and research center which was created in Barcelona in 1969. Today, the center belongs to the University of Barcelona and offers all levels of education in tourism, the hotel industry, and gastronomy. The center also offers undergraduate and post-graduate courses, online courses, blended, and continuous training for professionals, as well as custom-made courses for companies.

CETT has organized the Alimara Awards for the promotion of tourism since 1985. Therefore, this year was held the 32nd edition of the Alimara Awards.*

The Alimara Awards recognize effort and product quality in the promotion of tourism in institutions and in private companies. Hence the name Alimara — an ancient word for a bonfire lit in elevated places to guide travelers — meaning that the brochures, posters and other promotional tourism materials, graphic as well as digital, also guide the tourist and traveler.

Since the year 2000, the Alimara Awards have been organized together with the International Tourism Fair of Catalonia (SITC), now called B-Travel. In 2008 the Alimara CAT Award, a prize designed to encourage tourism promotion in Catalan organized in conjunction with the Generalitat de Catalunya, became part of the program. 

In 2012 the Alimara CETT Mass Media Award was added. This prize recognizes the contributions made by the media to promote tourism.

Shortly, we will inform you about the participation in the Alimara Awards 2017.



*Follow the 32nd Edition of Alimara Awars on social media with the hashtag #32PremisAlimara