Arts culinàries del mediterrani: Barcelona - Florencia

Modalitat: Presencial
Durada: 6 setmanes
1ª edició: del 10/06/2019 fins el 19/07/2019 (3 weeks in Barcelona, 3 weeks in Florence )
Idiomes: Anglès




Culinary Techniques and Processes aims to complement the first contact with the world of cooking.

The course is developed by presenting its content from a theoretical viewpoint which complements an eminently practical point of view, where students are trained in the basic techniques of cooking ingredients and their subsequent presentation.

The knowledge conveyed in this course can be grouped into three basic groups. The first area that the student will train in is the theoretical knowledge and skills necessary to perform food cooking techniques and processes to follow for basic culinary creations, using traditional methods as well as the latest innovations in both machinery and processes. A second area will consist of preparing and presenting creations at the time of service, focusing on pairing techniques. And finally, the third section will highlight the nutritional constraints and care for groups with special needs. The course is essential for basic knowledge necessary in culinary technique.



Italian cuisine is the result of many different regional culinary traditions that, although merged and diluted over centuries, still maintain their particular flavors and distinct ingredients.

Thanks to a greater availability of wines from different regions, the pairing of food and wine, always a traditional aspect of Italian cuisine, has become more important in the organization of a menu and the presentation of a meal.

In this course the various ways of pairing Italian food and wine will be analyzed and used for menu planning. This involves research into aspects of both wine and food, with special emphasis on classification and technical terminology, nutritional and health issues, chemical composition, sensory and other evaluation techniques, as well as cooking skills that will be practiced regularly in class.