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Open Positions in Costa Crociere

The only Italian company in the sector to fly the Italian flag, the Costa Crociere Group is Italy’s biggest tour operator. Part of the Carnival Corporation & plc Group, listed on the London and New York stock exchanges and world leader in the sector with a fleet of 103 ships (over 11.5 million passengers in 2016), the Costa Crociere Group is parent company of the Costa Cruise Lines and AIDA Cruises brands.

With 27 ships in service for an overall capacity of around 76,000 guests, the Group is headquartered in Genoa and operates at global level, mainly on routes in the Mediterranean, Northern Europe, the Baltic Sea, the Caribbean, North and Central America, South America, the Arab Emirates, the Indian Ocean, the Far East and Africa. 

And good news... they are recruiting! 

Please find below new application links: 
- SPANISH INTERNATIONAL HOST/ESS: https://joblink.allibo.com/ats3/job-offer.aspx?DM=1906&SG=6&FT=1165&MD=1&ID=7442&LN=EN
- GERMAN INTERNATIONAL HOST/ESS: https://joblink.allibo.com/ats3/job-offer.aspx?DM=1906&SG=6&FT=1165&MD=1&ID=7445&LN=EN
- FRENCH INTERNATIONAL HOST/ESS: https://joblink.allibo.com/ats3/job-offer.aspx?DM=1906&SG=6&FT=1165&MD=1&ID=7444&LN=EN
- BRITISH INTERNATIONAL HOST/ESS: https://joblink.allibo.com/ats3/job-offer.aspx?DM=1906&SG=6&FT=1165&MD=1&ID=7443&LN=EN
- HOSPITALITY OPERATOR GERMAN SPEAKING: https://joblink.allibo.com/ats3/job-offer.aspx?DM=1906&SG=6&FT=1165&MD=1&ID=7440&LN=EN
- HOSPITALITY OPERATOR FRENCH SPEAKING: https://joblink.allibo.com/ats3/job-offer.aspx?DM=1906&SG=6&FT=1165&MD=1&ID=7441&LN=EN
- ASSISTANT F&B DIRECTOR: https://joblink.allibo.com/ats3/job-offer.aspx?DM=1906&SG=6&FT=1165&MD=1&ID=7437&LN=EN
- F&B DIRECTOR: https://joblink.allibo.com/ats3/job-offer.aspx?DM=1906&SG=6&FT=1165&MD=1&ID=7451&LN=EN
- CHEF PASTRY: https://joblink.allibo.com/ats3/job-offer.aspx?DM=1906&SG=6&FT=1165&MD=1&ID=7413&LN=EN
- CHEF DE PARTIE PASTRY: https://joblink.allibo.com/ats3/job-offer.aspx?DM=1906&SG=6&FT=1165&MD=1&ID=7412&LN=EN
- DEMI CHEF PASTRY: https://joblink.allibo.com/ats3/job-offer.aspx?DM=1906&SG=6&FT=1165&MD=1&ID=7411&LN=EN

An outstanding opportunity to obtain an international work experience, get to know new destinations, in a multicultural working environment and counting on highly experienced professionals.

Don't hesitate and apply NOW! 

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