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Referencia: 16474
Data: 12/12/2017
Area: Allotjament
Feina: Carrera Professional (Internship)
Lloc de treball: (ESTRANGER)
Tasques: Do you have the ambition to become General Manager?
With our major global presence and ambitious growth plans, Hilton needs to develop a strong cadre of future General Managers (GMs) for our Owned & Managed hotels around the world.

What does the Program cover?
The Program is designed to give you the foundation knowledge for your journey to GM through a broad based management learning experience across all core functions of the hotel.

It is an 18 month program based on two placements in two different countries and/or Regions. It includes:
- Structured Group Orientation
- Tailored Job Experience in all Functions, taking account of any previous experience
- Formal off-the-job learning in a range of business disciplines
- Virtual Classrooms and Hilton University e-modules
- Two major Business Projects
- Personal Mentor (typically a seasoned GM)
- Competency Based Personal Development Plan
- Career Development Reviews
Requisits: Application Criteria
If you are interested, please apply online from 10 November 2017until 10 January 2018 via http://jobs.hilton.com.

The criteria are:
- You have a true ambition to become GM
- You have to be graduated in 2017 or (before 31 August) 2018 from a Bachelor/Masters Degree and are available to start in fulltime employment in September 1st, 2018.
- You must be willing/able to live and work in the European Economic Area (EEA)
- You will be fluent in English. A second modern language would be considered a plus
- You are internationally mobile within Europe, with preferably hotel or hospitality work experience.
S'ofereix: What are YOUR learning benefits?
By attending the Program you will build critically important technical, business and leadership skills that will form the foundation of your future career as a GM.
The blend of on-the-job experience, off –the-job development and learning, and the support and sponsorship of our business leaders will be an invaluable experience for you and your Program peers.
At the end of the Program you will be ready for your first management position as Department Manager.
Jornada: SENCERA

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