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Trainee Program at Southern Asia for Winter season 19-20

Are you ready to participate at a Trainee Program with the Hospitality Industry in Southeast Asia this winter?

RMC (RM Consulting) has reached CETT-UB to offer you (enrolled students and Alumni) to chance to participate at their programs for Winter 2019-20 Season.
This intake will complete their programs in October, November, and December of this year, and they will be eligible to join a Trainee Program within the Hospitality Industry in Southeast Asia.

See files attached. 

Who can be eligible?

- For Work & Travel Asia - a short 2 to 4-month Hospitality Immersion (Winter)
For young adults who wish to gain work and travel experience during the school holiday months! A great opportunity to Travel, Discover, and Exchange your Culture with local employees, other participants, and international guests!

- Hospitality Internship Asia or Practical Training (PT) - a 6 to 12-month Hospitality Internship experience
The program is for enrolled students in vocational, professional, and undergraduate studies. Recent graduates who wish to gain a first work experience are also welcomed to apply.

- Management Trainee Asia - a Career Development Program
The program is for recently graduated students of undergraduate University studies ‘OR’ for enrolled student pursuing post-graduated studies.

Placements can be at five (5) destinations in South & Southeast Asia:
- in Thailand
- in Vietnam
- in Malaysia
- in Indonesia
- in the Maldives

RMC (RM Consulting) is a Bangkok-based Agency which promotes Educational Travels & Cultural Exchange Programs! Our team members assist and support Students and Recent Graduates of post-secondary/University/Graduate studies for Hospitality Internships and Management Training Programs at 4-star & 5-star Hotels and Resorts around South and Southeast Asia.   

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