Kind of Grant InformationApplication period

Academic Scholarship

Following the foundations of the FGE CETT philosophy, this scholarship is aimed mainly at guaranteeing that CETT vocational and undergraduate students who show interest and ability both academically and professionally are able to continue their studies in the field of tourism, hospitality and gastronomy despite economic hardship.

1 to 20 June 2022

Excellence Academic Scholarship - New Access Students

Aimed at promoting and rewarding the excellence of new access students.

15 to 20 July 2022

Mou-te! Academic Scholarship

Aimed at promoting students' mobility and international perspective by enabling them to study part of their degree abroad at one of the universities with which the EUHT CETT UB has bilateral or ERASMUS agreements.

8 to 20 June 2021

Mou-te! International Internships

Aimed at promoting the mobility and international perspective of last-year students or recent graduates by enabling them to perform international internships that round out their academic career and increase their employability.

Talent New acces Scholarships for new students for Vocational Training Courses and Bachelor’s Degree Courses

CETT Fundació has created the new access Talent Scholarships. Aimed at promoting and rewarding the talent of people who wish to start their studies in the world of tourism, hospitality or gastronomy, both at the level of training courses in cuisine and restaurant services, as well as university degrees.

From July 11 to 22, 2022

Talent New access Scholarship for University Master's Degrees (Graduates from the European Union or Latin America)

CETT Fundació has created the new access Talent Scholarships.Intended to promote and reward academic excellence for Graduates of the European Union and Latin America who wish to pursue a master's degree.

From February 21st to Juny 25th, 2022

Postgraduate scholarships (Masters, Postgraduates and Lifelong Learning courses CETT) for graduates and diploma holders

Aimed at facilitating the continuity of studies in the field of tourism, hospitality and gastronomy for CETT graduates who wish to pursue a postgraduate or master's degree.

From July 11th-22nd, 2022

Senior Capstone Project (SCP) Scholarship in International Companies

Awarded by CETT Alumni. Intended to promote final projects of the University Degree of l'EUHT CETT-UB that promote research, entrepreneurship and real projects within the Tourism, Hospitality or Gastronomy sector.

Period 1 of application (only for Bachelors Degrees): -From November 29th to December 3rd, 2021

Period 2 of application (both for Bachelors Degrees and Masters): From March 7th to 11th, 2022

Collaboration Scholarship

Scholarship aimed at facilitating access to tourism training for CETT-UB students from any of the official training courses (training cycles, degrees, university masters), carrying out collaborative tasks in the different departments or business units of the CETT Group.

Consult with the Career Services department

Minor scholarships

To promote the mobility and internationalization of students for the completion of a one-semester training program abroad at one of the universities with which the EUHT CETT-UB has an agreement to obtain a certificate of specialization of a Minor program.

From November 8 to 15, 2021