Photography from: CETT's Covid-19 information related | Covid-19 informació
Universidad de Barcelona

CETT, ready for the future


CETT looks forward to the future and that is why we are gradually going back to class, full of energy and safe in the knowledge that we continue to provide quality training. We hold great responsibility and commitment to our students so you can gain the knowledge, abilities and skills that will help you through life and will give you a competitive edge; in a nutshell, all those personal and professional competences that will help you grow and adapt to coming challenges.

Because we aim at resuming face-to-face teaching, we are going back to class gradually, making sure that you and the entire CETT community do it safely, by implementing several safety measures and a strict prevention protocol. Career Services and Secretary re-open to the public too, as well as our guided visits to the premises for prospective students.

At CETT we understand education as a transformative process through experiences and connecting people.

We welcome you to a new CETT!