Bachelor's Degree in Tourism | Tourism Management Specialization within Bachelor's degree in Tourism

Modality: Presencial
Lasting: 4 courses (240 ECTS)
Horario: Morning group / Afternoon group (intensive)
Languages: Spanish, English, Catalan
Specialization within: Bachelor's degree in Tourism


Curriculum structure of the bachelor's degree in Tourism, minor in Tourism Management.

First year

Second year

Third Year

Code Curriculum SubjectsTypeCreditsCATCASTENG
63207 English Communication in Tourism IIIOB9XXX
63216 Tourism Marketing and CommunicationOB6XXX
63217 Organization and Human Resources Management in Tourism companiesOB6XXX
63300 Practicum IIPE9XXX
Code Tourism ManagementTypeCreditsCATCASTENG
63501 Product Development for Heritage, Culture, and TourismOPB3XXX
63502 Tourism Service CompaniesOPB6XXX
63503 Tourism Planning and DevelopmentOPB6XXX

Fourth year

Code Curriculum SubjectsTypeCreditsCATCASTENG
64218 Leadership & Entrepreneurial Development in the Tourism IndustryOB6XXX
64900 Senior Capstone ProjectTFG30XXX
Code Tourism ManagementTypeCreditsCATCASTENG
64505 Tourism Project ManagementOPB6XXX
64506 Sustainable Management of Tourist DestinationsOPB6XXX

3rd & 4th ELECTIVES

Other Subjects