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Official Specialization
Call for applications: September 2021

Official Specialization

Specializations in the EHEA bachelor’s degree in Tourism

The specializations are the same thing as the official minor that appears in the European bachelor’s degree certificate that you will receive after graduating at CETT-UB. They add expertise to your academic track record and bring the opportunity to interact with leading professionals and businesses in the sector. We offer three specializations:

Tourism Management

This specialization provides you with the knowledge, techniques and instruments necessary for efficient Tourism planning and management, in addition to the development of the travel and market intermediation businesses. This focus implies achieving the skills for the creation of touristic experiences, their communication and marketing, and the sustainable management of tourism destinations and organizations on a social, cultural, economic and environmental level.

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Hotel Management

During the last two years of the bachelor’s degree, you will take specific business management and administration subjects of the specialist minor, in addition to subjects which cover the different areas of hotel management with an international and sustainable vision and which respond to the main challenges of the touristic accommodation sector.

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Digital Tourism Business Management

This specialization provides with the skills necessary to deal with the management of digital businesses and the creation of touristic products and services based on the opportunities arising from the technical evolution and digitization of companies from the sector. Using entrepreneurship as the vehicular learning methodology, students will learn the main innovation instruments and processes, from both a theoretical and a practical viewpoint, through the application of these processes in real projects.

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