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Universidad de Barcelona
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Methodology and Assessment
Specialization within Official Master in Hospitality Management

Methodology and Assessment


The learning model used is designed to facilitate the participant the analysis, control and improvement of Hotel Management and / or Restaurant Industry, causing situations in which participants must cope with different situations and common problems in different types and structures of this type of tourism businesses.

The continued involvement of the students in the classes, the constant incentive development through reflective exercises and case studies, provides participants with the skills necessary for career success in this field.

The master is set in different thematic modules, developed by means of working sessions, both theoretical and practical, related to the corresponding topic. Some sessions of the module "Strategic Management Competences" shall be conducted in conjunction with students enrolled in the two specialities. Also, the participation during the Master of hotelier professionals / managers with proven experience from the top and leading companies and institutions in the country and abroad will provide participants with different and enlightening points of view, with innovative and unique practice.

Within the learning model we can find highlighted:

Management programme of experience and outdoor training

This is a group dynamic in which all the most necessary managerial skills for the profile of managers/Directors are built by being examined by specialists and psychologists to diagnose and develop the target responsibilities of the training programme. The participating students experience in practice, the knowledge acquired, also enhancing further positive changes in their behaviour and attitude, especially by promoting initiative and teamwork.

Partners Network

By external visits to various central kitchens and other types of commercial restaurants as well as of group catering services. Group Paradis, Moncho's, Campo de golf del Prat, Universal Port Aventura, Mercabarna, Recinto Ferial, Hotel Rey Juan Carlos I and new industry benchmarks in the sector such as restaurants, clubs, and take aways, are some of the visits to be undertaken during the course.


The assessment of the learning is carried out from ongoing monitoring of the student by the teaching staff and the direction of the program as well as by the elaboration of written evidence and preparation of papers, as required by the subject matter.