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Universidad de Barcelona
Academic Offer
Specialization within Official Master in Hospitality Management
Call for applications: October 2021


The specialization in Catering Management within the CETT-UB Masters in Hotel and Food and Beverage Management will teach students how to manage commercial food and beverage establishments from a cutting-edge, innovative and sustainable perspective.

In a world where gastronomic experiences have acquired unprecedented importance (e.g. foodie trends, cooking TV shows or the “popularity” of some Michelin starred outlets) it has become indispensable for professionals in the sector, to know business management models that can guarantee success. This learning curve starts with learning how to design spaces, come up with a business ethos, rethink the architecture of spaces and their food offer or how to stand out in order to increase customer loyalty. This is all done incorporating issues such as environmental sustainability, ethical consumerism and the latest trends in nutrition and dietetics.

This specialization in Catering within the CETT-UB Masters in Hotel and Food and Beverage Management will open the door to concepts such as financial and economic management, behavioral marketing, up to date food law or design of experience based spaces; you will also understand what factors can turn a traditional business into a successful business model (pricing, quality, cost control, supplier management). This study program also deals with leadership soft skills (emotional intelligence, empathy, negotiation techniques among others) that can be applied in the food and beverage sector.

Dare to design unique food and beverage outlets and contribute to professionalize this rising sector with innovation and creativity!