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Learning methods and assessment

Learning methods and assessment



The course learning methodology is based mostly in the practice of the concepts and ideas expressed by the speaker for the theoretical explanations, with particular emphasis on practicality and dynamism of the sessions.

Students apply the knowledge acquired by performing organoleptic and related processing techniques tasting cocktails and coffees practices.

In conducting tastings students analyze a variety of products, nationally and internationally, with the aim of dominating in depth both the art of tasting as thorough knowledge of the various distilled liquors, mixers, juices and other products commonly used in the preparation of cocktails and coffees.

The sessions related to business management, the speaker takes the theoretical explanations of the contents and proposes different management tools that can be applied 100% in the workplace to optimize material and human resources. It especially encourages the participation of students and discussion on the proposed topics.

With a methodology wholly or mainly practical part, we want to encourage the spirit of research and documentation and the ability to work autonomously, by developing exercises and assignments by students, both inside and outside the classroom.

The collaboration and participation of renowned professionals is a differentiator that enhances student learning, thanks to the contributions arising from the career of the speakers and its influence on the sector.