Photography from: Objectives | Cocktails and Mixology Higher Diploma
Universidad de Barcelona
Academic Offer


The course's main objectives are:

  • Understanding the origins and evolution of the bartender and barista profiles, identifying the skills and knowledge necessary to perform these functions.
  • Expand and consolidate key skills for the 21st-century bartender, such as a command of the classical and avant-garde techniques, knowledge of new trends in the sector, and specialization in spirits, liqueurs and coffee.
  • Have a command of tasting methodology and use of senses to identify the organoleptic characteristics of products used to prepare drinks
  • Develop establishment management skills, as well as the ability to design the menu, determine real costs, manage purchases and stock, taking into account the aptitudes necessary for leading teams. Perform projects where cocktails are prominent, including their creation, management, and execution.
  • Encourage initiative and an entrepreneurial spirit in the restaurant industry.