Cultural and Urban Trends in a Global Environment

Modality: Presencial
Lasting: 2 weeks (4 ECTS) (Winter School)
Call for applications: 13/01/2020
Languages: English

Program Essentials

Type of Course: Winter

Area of Study

Tourism, Urban trends

Year: 2020


Heritage is often defined as our roots, our collective memory. Heritage gives shape to the distinctive character of a country, nation, ethnic group and, finally, an individual. The process of globalization coupled with a strong consumer culture brings forth the reconsidering of socio-cultural values, making people strive to find their singularity and authenticity.

In this context, the problem of the protection of heritage sites and their effective management takes on special attention. Tourism thus becomes one of the main facilitators and providers of cultural, natural and historical heritage. Nowadays, for successful management of museums, natural parks, heritage monuments and other tourism sites, the necessities of the visitors must be studied and analyzed before, during and after the visit.

This program will provide essential insight into the general components and particular aspects of the design and management of tourism heritage sites.

Key words: tourism heritage, touristic development, management, sustainability


Monday 13 January 2019 (with lodging: arrival on Sunday 12 January)


Friday 24 January 2019 (with lodging: departure on Friday 25 January)

Deadline for Application: 30 November 2018


Undergraduate Students, Graduate Students or Young Professionals

Accreditation of Languages: Level of English - Intermediate (B1-B2)



Language: English

Hours of Instruction

55, including lectures, professional activities.

Other sessions available: Summer School 2020, Winter School 2021

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