Cultural & Urban Trends in a Global Environment

Modality: Presencial
Lasting: 3 or 4 weeks (Summer School)
Start date: 02/07/2018
Languages: English

Program Essentials

Type of Course: Summer

Areas of Study

Tourism, Cultural Heritage, Urban Trends

Year: 2018


Tourism has been a key variable in the development of regions and countries around the world. Its importance to the economy has resulted in a considerable influence on the transformation of cities, the continuous change in consumer habits, and the advance of the mediation industry. In this context, leisure is emerging as a major field of study in which culture plays a central role, and the experience of culture has transformed into a crucial need.

The program aims to analyze the links between the attractions’ potential and the public´s feeling towards continuous development.

Key words: mediation, global, values, experiences, travel, culture, development.


Monday 02 July 2018 (with lodging: arrival on Sunday 01 July 2018)


Thursday 19 July 2018 (3 week option) / 26 July 2018 (4 week option) (with lodging: departure either on Friday 20 July or Friday 27 July)

Deadline for Application 31 May 2018

(10% Early Bird Discount for payments done before 15 May 2018)


Undergraduate and Graduate Students or Young Professionals.

Accreditation of Languages: Level of English - Intermediate (B1-B2)


4 ECTS (3 week option) / 10 ECTS (4 week option)

Language: English

Hours of Instruction

75 (3 week option) / 90 (4 week option), including lectures, professional activities.

Other Sessions Available: Winter School 2019 / Summer School 2019

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Remarks: Courses may be subject to change.