Photography from: Introduction | Curso de Experto en Planificación de Bodas y Eventos Sociales
Universidad de Barcelona
Academic Offer
Specialization within Postgraduate degree in Wedding & Social Event Management


The course Expert in weddings and social events planning is the second itinerary of the Postgraduate Course in Wedding and Social Events Management. This course deals with key topics for planning, organizing and holding weddings or other social events professionally.

Besides, the course will provide with techniques and tools that help select and manage services and suppliers involved in events ‘organizing that may help create a memorable and unique experience.

The course will finish with students creating a contacts book that reflects the spirit of the brand created by the Wedding & Social Events Manager. There will also be a week of optional lectures for students to attend (failing to attend these lectures will not be considered for assessment); for further information, please click here.

Reasons to study 

  1. You will learn key techniques and tools to plan events professionally and with your own signature.
  2. This is a very practical course that will help develop your own personal project.
  3. It opens doors to a booming sector.
  4. This Postgraduate Course is certified by the Universitat de Barcelona.
  5. It is guaranteed by Wedding Media International, our specialist partner in wedding planning.
  6. Students will be able to attend Valmont Barcelona Bridal Fashion Week and the program of activities for professionals on the week they may attend lectures (cancelled for 2020 edition

Who is it for?  

The course in Weddings and Social Events Planning CETT-UB is for those with or without experience who wish to professionalize in the sector of events planning, particularly weddings and non-corporate events.

It is especially designed to cater for the needs and demands of the following groups:

  • Specialists in events organization from hospitality and tourism companies.
  • Higher technicians in events management who wish to diversify and expand their line of business.

Partner businesses 

Our Wedding Planner CETT-UB Postgraduate Course is certified by Wedding Media International, the leading communication group in the bridal sector in Spain, Portugal and Mexico who is responsible for editing the magazines Novias, NP Magazine, Casarse en Catalunya, Novias de México & Noivas Portugal and for the webs, &

Wedding Media International, organizer of Barcelona Wedding Summit (BWS) and Porto Wedding Summit (PWS) that also participates in NP (Novias de Pasarela) and Barcelona Bridal Fashion Week.