Diploma Professional Chef

Modality: Presencial
Lasting: 1500h (60 ECTS)
1ª edition: from 16/09/2019 to 30/06/2020
Horario: / Monday-Thursday from 4PM to 9PM.
Languages: Spanish
Tuition fee from: 12000 €

Methodology and Assessment


The Professional Chef diploma offers a training experience in which you will take part in a high-performance immersive pedagogic model that is 100% practical in nature.

In order to take full advantage of the practical classes, we apply the flipped-classroom methodology; in which you will review the lecture materials before going to the actual class, so that you can take the maximum advantage of the time you will share with the professionals and your classmates in the kitchen.

In the high performance classes, we will bring in the figure of a second teacher, to oversee your elaborations and technique while the main lecturer conducts the class. Additionally, you will be part of a permanent work group with other classmates that have profiles that complement yours so that you can create culinary products by way of using the innovation tools you’ll learn with us. You will also have the chance to showcase your knowledge and skills in our Pop-up Restaurant, which will be your project through the course where you’ll be able to test your abilities in a real, professional environment.

At CETT, we make available for you our designated practice classrooms, where you will be able to spend time perfectioning the techniques learned in class and have a space for self-taught time and opportunities, helping and improving your professional skills. Additionally, thourout the course, you will be able to enjoy our gastronomic events agenda, with the participation of recognized experts, visit to institutions, events, businesses and reference companies that will complement the contents of the course.


The assessment of the learning is carried out from ongoing monitoring of the student by the teaching staff and the direction of the program as well as by the elaboration of written evidence and preparation of papers, as required by the subject matter.