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Introduction to the degree

Introduction to the degree

Specialization within Bachelor's degree in Tourism
Call for applications: September 2021

This CETT-UB International Tourism Double Degree - Bachelor Program in Hospitality Business at Michigan State University (USA) is your best option to attain your goals and obtain an official double degree in Tourism and Hotel Business in just over four years. This degree will provide you with an essential competitive advantage to position yourself in the labor market.

With this double Degree in Tourism, in just over four years you will obtain both degrees officers and you will achieve a versatile and differential professional profile, with which you will master both the bases of the management of companies in the tourism sector in general as the pillars of the management of international hotel business.

In addition, if you study this double degree, you will stay in the United States during the fourth year, with the possibility, once the studies are finished, of being able to stay one more year in the country to carry out professional practices or work in the tourism and hotel sector, thanks to that you will be able to obtain the necessary visas as a student that grant you this possibility. Therefore, you will be able to enjoy a unique training, personal and professional experience that it will become a very competent and highly attractive profile for the sector.

This differential and specialized profile is reinforced with language training, the semester of exchange in other countries, professional practices and training in key competences and values that are developed in this unique double Degree.

The double university degree will make you a very attractive candidate for national and international companies and organizations - and not just tourism - with a vocation for development, and will allow you to quickly enter the job market and lead the future of the sector!