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Universidad de Barcelona


Specialization within Bachelor's degree in Tourism
Call for applications: September 2021

You will have the following possibilities to develop their professional profile:

Curricular internships in national and international companies:

It is divided into two periods of curricular internship (Practicum I and Practicum II) in companies from the sphere of CETT or in collaborating companies, each with a minimum total of 225 hours of training.

Extracurricular internships in national and international companies:

Starting from the first year, voluntary internships may also be undertaken to develop a highly qualified professional profile, with a maximum duration of 900 hours per year.

The objectives of the internships are:

  • To carry out the duties of a job position in a leading local or international company.
  • To know the day-to-day operation of the tourism company, its business model and the key management points.
  • To acquire new skills and attitudes which are only developed in real environments.
  • To apply the knowledge acquired during the degree.

CETT students have access to the Career Services, formed by a team of experts in career guidance and advice in order to design a personalized career plan. To design your career plan, you’ll have access to the following services:

  • Career guidance seminars
  • Personalized assessment
  • Company presentations
  • Workshops with companies
  • Debating spaces

CETT-UB’s internships in numbers:

  • 8.84 satisfaction level of the students with the internships.
  • 8.67 satisfaction level of the companies with the students.
  • 95 students received a job offer in the company where they undertook the internship on completing it.
  • 672 specific internship offers on the bachelor’s degree in Tourism.
  • 80 internship offers in the own companies of the CETT-UB Campus.
  • 54 international internship offers.
  • 63% of internships are remunerated.

The Career Services in numbers:

  • CETT has a job offers service with1,616 national and 137 International offers
  • Our graduates find better quality work, earlier.
  • 90% find work within three months after graduation.*
  • 45% find work during while studying the degree.*
  • In the ranking of Catalan universities, the CETT-UB’s bachelor’s degree in Tourism is in 4th position in speed of joining the labour market.*
  • Our students are those who receive the highest salaries, compared to students from other Tourism education centers in Catalonia.*

(*) According to the latest labour market insertion survey of the Agency for Management of University and Research Grants.