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Specialization within Bachelor's degree in Tourism
Call for applications: September 2021

The Tourism degree curriculum is organized into four academic years with 60 ECTS credits each. The first two academic years are basic training that is common to all students and the other two are focused on the minor chosen.

A degree that adapts to your schedule

At CETT-UB you have the option to adapt your academic schedule to your working life, enrolling in one of the following groups:

  • Group 100% in English – morning schedule

Group designed for international students and for national students that wish to continue developing their communication skills in an international cultural environment.

  • Group 100% in Spanish – morning schedule

Group designed for students coming from Spanish-speaking countries and national students that wish to pursue their degree in Spanish.

  • Group 100% in Catalan – morning schedule

Group designed for students that wish to pursue their degree in Catalan.

  • Intensive Group – afternoon shift

Group designed for students that wish to advance their practical training and/or combine their studies with a job in Tourism, with a flexible schedule and innovative learning methodologies.

For students to receive the Tourism degree, they must successfully pass all of the credits that make up the curriculum.

The regulation establishes that students can enroll in between a minimum of 18 credits and a maximum of 60 new credits. Students may enroll in more than 60 credits (up to a maximum of 75 credits) if they are not currently in a grace period, taking into account that only 60 may be new credits.

Exceptionally, and when it is justified, the direction of CETT-UB may authorize a student to enroll in more than 75 credits, up to a maximum of 78 per academic year (maximum 60 new credits). In this case, the student would have to file a written request.

In any event, at the beginning of the academic year students who have a maximum of 10% of credits remaining to complete the degree (24 credits) must enroll in them all and may request that these courses be offered extraordinarily, regardless of the semester in which they are offered. This request can only be processed at enrollment at the beginning of the academic year.

In order to obtain the bachelor’s degree certification in Tourism, it is necessary that students succeed in earning the totality of the credits established in the curriculum.