Photography from: Objectives | Double degree in CETT - Michigan State University

Universidad de Barcelona


Specialization within Bachelor's degree in Tourism
Call for applications: September 2021

The main objective of the Tourism degree is to train professionals with the managerial skills needed to hold positions of responsibility in tourism and hospitality companies and institutions, and to innovate in the face of the challenges posed by globalization, sustainability and technological evolution. The degree also strengthens the personal skills necessary for leading teams and projects in a complex, changing environment.

The main skills developed throughout the degree program are:

  • Customer orientation.
  • Have business vision.
  • Make decisions and solve problems, interpreting and evaluating the results with a critical attitude.
  • Sustainability: the ability to evaluate the social and environmental impact of actions in their field, as well as the ability to express integrated and systematic visions.
  • Team work.
  • Work in an international context.
  • Have initiative and entrepreneurial spirit.
  • Have a commitment to ethics.
  • Master written and oral communication techniques in order to convey information, ideas, and opinions.