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Senior Capstone Project (SCP)

Senior Capstone Project (SCP)

Specialization within Bachelor's degree in Tourism
Call for applications: September 2021

The Senior Capstone Project (SCP) of the bachelor's degree is the culmination of the curriculum taken where the skills acquired are reflected, as well as their application and development. This is a research or application paper where students, according to their professional interests and motivations, delve into some aspect of the chosen specialization.

An SCP adapted to the student's motivations

Single: The student develops his/her own research work under the monitoring of a professor from our centre.

Seminar / Workshop: Students develop their work starting from their participation in a research group within the centre ,with direct mentoring of a professor member of the team. Students can also participate in inter-university groups where students from different countries together produce a research paper.

In companies, organizations or institutions (national or international): Students can orient their SCP towards applied research or the development of a project in companies, institutions or nongovernmental organizations (locally and internationally ) or can make an innovative and entrepreneurial project, thanks to the agreements that the School has arranged with universities, companies and organizations nationally and internationally.

Participation in non-profit projects

The CETT Group is committed to the sustainable development of Tourism. During the completion of the Bachelor's Degree, students have the opportunity to participate and collaborate on projects with this purpose, internationally, as well. This participation can be made in the context of the Practicum subject or of the SCP.

The Senior Capstone Project

Before finalizing the degree, students must prepare and present a SCP to achieve the degree, as contemplated in the study plan.

This project culminates the student's education, being a link between his academic life and his professional life. And this is so because the main objective of it is for the student to pass from receiving knowledge of the sector to contribute, for the first time, as an observer and aware of a reality.

In this sense, both the student and the staff have a guide that aims to be a element of support, specifying generic aspects and common to all research work, as well as the basic criteria that CETT-UB establishes, understanding that each study is unique and requires differential treatment and attention, appropriate to its objectives and subject matter, and where the Tutor's criteria sets the guidelines to be followed by the student.

For the presentation of the project, a series of requirements must be met. The process requirements, or administrative, are detailed in the student guide published in the virtual campus insisting on the need and duty that each and every student has to know its content.

It is imperative that the student assumes that the SCP often involves the preparation of field work that can result in a significant ** time investment**. It is advised that the student carries out a realistic temporal planning and coherent with their actual availability.

The SCP must refer to the main theories, models and investigations of the area of interest chosen. In this sense it is necessary for the student to carry out an identification work and analysis of the main sources of documentation linked to the subject matter of the study, in order to configure a state of affairs for the investigation, or a review of the contributions to the subject that is intended to analyze, or at least of the possible models and tools that could be used in the professional field. The bibliographical references will be integrated into the text, in order to reinforce the reasoning. The student must follow an appointment system based on APA standards

The evaluation of the Senior Capstone Project

With the realization of the SCP the level of competences that the student has reached during his / her training is evaluated, check the maturity of the student, his / her ability to apply these competences autonomously and develop the methods of investigation and of resolution of own problems of the field of the specialization of the chosen Degree.

This function is carried out through the development of depth and synthesis of the knowledge and skills acquired in the subjects studied during the Degree.

In order to carry out this type of evaluation, a combined evidence system has been designed, each of them responding to different levels of achievement of different items related to the objective of the subject. This distinguishes three elements of valuation, in which different aspects can be considered:

  • Making a written memory.
  • Writing an article.
  • Oral or virtual defense of the SCP.

The evaluation bodies assigned to each SCP will carry out their evaluation based on the materials delivered (project and article) and their defense.

Finally, remember that the SCP must be perceived by all involved as a useful tool and real training experience, in which the student must reflect not only their** assimilation of knowledge**, but its creativity and capacity in decision-making (from the selection of the topic to the planning of future strategies), at the same time that it becomes a means of research and to increase the knowledge of the tourist, hotel and gastronomic sector, in which, due to its transversality, changing mood and, ultimately, as a social phenomenon, many unexplored areas still remain.