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Introduction to the degree

Introduction to the degree

Specialization within Bachelor's degree in Tourism
Call for applications: September 2021

The CETT-UB Double International Degree in Tourism - Bachelor in International Business (BIB) from the Grenoble École de Management (France) is your chance to obtain a double official degree in Tourism and International Business in just over four years!

This is the best option to achieve a competitive advantage in the international labor market, reaching a specialized, polyvalent, and differential professional profile. Once you have completed Capstone Project, and after studying three courses at CETT and one course at the Grenoble École de Management in France, you will obtain the CETT Official Degree in Tourism and the Official Degree in International Business from this center which is recognized for its quality, academic excellence, and prestige.

Grenoble Ecole de Management is ranked 6th among the best universities in France, 25th among the best European business schools, and 50th worldwide, according to the Financial Time's Rankings in 2019.0th worldwide, according to the Financial Time's Rankings in 2019.

In a continually changing environment in which all companies need to transform and adapt, this double degree responds to the needs of the market and the tourism sector and the challenges of globalization, and adapts to the demands of the professional sector, providing you with the key competencies to manage the international development of a company and to work in the leading institutions in the international arena, with a global vision.

The double International Degree in Tourism - Bachelor in International Business provides you with all the knowledge and tools you will acquire by studying the Degree in Tourism at CETT-UB and which will make you a manager and manager of the tourism and hotel sector with the ability to lead teams and projects and to innovate in the face of future challenges, but also the pillars of management and the management of international business, taking into account markets and contexts. It will allow you to direct tourism business projects and participate in their expansion and development at the international level, and will enable you, with a global vision, to make decisions of an economic-financial nature, marketing, management of intercultural business skills ... Also it will enhance your analysis of the world economy to find market veins or new markets and design the right strategies for its successful development.

The double university degree will make you a very attractive candidate for companies and national and international organizations - and not just tourism - with a vocation for development, and will allow you to quickly enter the labor market and lead the future. of the sector!