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Target students
Specialization within Official Master in Business Tourism Management

Target students

  • University graduates in Economics, Business Administration, Marketing, Communications, Sports and/or Leisure Management.
  • Graduates from other fields with a minimum level of professional experience in the Tourism and/or Business Sector.
  • Tourism professionals who want to develop projects and/or strengthen their existing business by focusing on event management.
  • Other professional profiles: subject to the approval of the director of the master's.
Degree Complementary training
Associate's Degree in Tourism or the corresponding Technician in Tourism Companies and Activities degree No complementary training required
Tourism Degree .
Associate's Degree in Business .
Degree in Economics .
Degree in Business Administration and Management .
Degree in Market Research and Techniques .
*** ***
Degree in Public Relations, Communications, and similar programs The established complementary training is required; courses belonging to the Tourism Degree at the EUHT CETT-UB.
Degree in Humanities .
Degree in Geography .
Any other bachelor's degree .

Provisional schedule of complementary trainning: online.