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Call for applications: 07/01/2019

Course Presentation

What are the key factors to guarantee the survival of a company in the current competitive market? The marketing paradigm is constantly changing towards the personalization of the service or a product which turns into a unique experience for the customer. The heartbeat of the design of the experience is to understand the customer and their wants and needs. Focusing on the needs of the customer allows for the creation of a story that reaches them and ultimately remains in their minds as a memorable Experience.

The course serves as an overview of the general characteristics of Customer Experience Management, analyzes the real cases of the most successful companies, and explores the practical possibilities of experience development as well as its management.

Area of Study: Tourism, Hospitality, Management

Key words: strategic management, customer experience management, marketing mix


  • Undergraduate Students, Graduate Students or Young Professionals

  • Accreditation of Languages: Level of English - Intermediate (B1-B2)


Courses are subject to changes.

Course Duration 

Start: Monday 13 January 2020 (with lodging: arrival on Sunday 12 January)

End: Friday 24 January 2020 (with lodging: departure on Saturday 25 January)