Global Economy & Digital Innovation

Modality: Presencial
Lasting: 4 weeks (12 ECTS)
1ª edition: from 24/06/2019 to 19/07/2019 (2 weeks in Barcelona, 2 weeks in Milan)
Call for applications: 24/06/2019
Languages: English



Digital Business Models & Innovation

“We are not living an Era of change but a change of Era”. A new social paradigm defines the lines of action in the way we are doing business in the XXI century. The appearance of disruptive technology as World Wide Web or Mobile technology has broken the old structures of industrial economy created 200 years ago. The new paradigm demands a revolution in the way of doing business. The speed of change and growth of technology make us move towards an “always in Beta” world where the most demanded skills in the labor market will be the capacity of change and digital innovation. The program aims to help students develop the key skills to transform and adapt business to the digital era.


Business, Government and the Global Economy

The aim of this course is to analyse the key factors that affect the competitive position of a nation by investigating the economic forces that drive trade integration and how globalisation is changing the macroeconomic scenario. The course will provide answers to these and other questions by mixing economic theory with facts and case studies. A strong emphasis will be placed on the role of government and international institutions in regulating trade and financial flows and in setting the needed standards