Photography from: Programme | Haute Cuisine Diploma
Universidad de Barcelona
Academic Offer
Call for applications: 18/01/2021



  • Timetable: Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday from 17.00 to 20.00 hrs.
  • Total: 165 teaching hours.
  • 30 European Credits.


Creative cuisine: From traditional to the avant-garde cuisine. History of contemporary cooking. New techniques and technologies. The culinary knowledge and creative processes. Gastronomic knowledge from other countries such as the tools for improving competitiveness.

Department management:

  • Strategic Management: Market analysis of the restaurant sector and business features. SWOT design. Targets and strategies. Planning and control.
  • Purchase Management: Purchase logistics. Supplier selection.Product standardisation. Purchasing process and product traceability.
  • Keys to success in the kitchen management: Efficiency in the financial and economic management. Management of the environmental and maintenance of the quality. Team management and coaching.

Technology and culinary trend:

  • The tasting conceptual: Application of the theory of tasting products. Recognition memory and sensory taste of food. The pairing in the kitchen.
  • Science and Cooking: Procedures culinary and product physicochemical reactions. New technologies and new mechanisms of change. The transmission of sensations.
  • A personality, a kitchen: Definition of culinary personality. The exchange of experiences as a growth factor. Product, technique and creativity.

Practicum: Practice on a fine dining establishment or option to validate this course through the accreditation of work experience.