Photography from: Presentation | Module of Creative and Avant-garde Cocktail Making
Universidad de Barcelona
Academic Offer
Specialization within Cocktails and Mixology Higher Diploma


Cocktail making is becoming more and more prestigious and training must contribute to this process by providing bartenders with sound and expert knowledge so that cocktail making does not become a passing fad.

Being a bartender goes beyond knowing cocktail recipes by heart. This is why it is also necessary to know the product holistically (i.e. applicable legislation, test notes, interactions between ingredients...), to be able to apply other techniques from other areas of gastronomy, to know what goals to meet so you can become a creative bartender whilst acquiring the abilities that help you adapt to changing market demands.

This module aims to consolidate the basis of mixology through the learning of cocktail making techniques, starting with the traditional techniques and finishing with the most recent ones, with the help of leading professionals of the sector. You will be able to determine which techniques suit you best, thanks to using trusted and safe techniques, in order to find your own mark.

Simultaneously, you will also be able to analyze the main features of each product professionally with the aim of making creativity one of your strengths as a bartender.