Photography from: Presentation | Module of Management and Marketing in Mixology
Universidad de Barcelona
Academic Offer
Specialization within Cocktails and Mixology Higher Diploma


The viability of a business requires more than merely mastering the craft and knowing the product it deals with. In the case of cocktail bars and bars in gastronomy establishments, it is necessary to possess the expertise and tools that provide with a sound base for an efficient project management. This module in Management and Marketing in Mixology will provide students with the necessary training for managing establishments, starting with cost control to carry out an efficient financial management and finishing with how to manage human resources.

This module also looks into the study of customers ‘behavior, starting with defining different costumer profiles that must be considered when providing bar service and therefore, be able to meet their requirements and demands. It also investigates both esthetic and practical issues around cocktail bar stations, as well as into the study of space so as to use layout to meet the requirements of prospective customers.