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Learning methods and assessment
Specialization within Cocktails and Mixology Higher Diploma

Learning methods and assessment

Learning methodology

The course learning methodology is based on:

  • Combining theory and practice in order to elaborate iconic cocktails from all over the world and from different times in history.
  • Applying tasting methods in sensory tasting sessions and learning about specific tasting vocabulary.
  • Encouraging students’ participation and debate around the course topics.
  • Learning by practice to master the craft, i.e. how to use utensils to make good flair moves and therefore, have a sound base to later develop a personal signature.

Assessment procedures

This course is assessed through traditional testing. Individual assessment will be done through written tests and individual tasks which will test students ‘ability to search for information, critical analysis and reasoning.

The course final grade is determined from a qualitative perspective too, by measuring active participation both in class and in complementary activities.