Photography from: Presentation | Module of The world of Bartending
Universidad de Barcelona
Academic Offer
Specialization within Cocktails and Mixology Higher Diploma


Nowadays, the world of coffee and specialist coffees has experienced a similar transformation to that experienced by the world of cocktails. The so-called coffee culture is growing in our society: consumers know more about coffee and they know how to value it.

Therefore, a multidisciplinary knowledge of bartending, that is, knowing the produce, its features, elaboration techniques and elaboration methods taken from other areas such as cocktail making, has spearheaded innovation in this area of gastronomy in both these fields: in bartending for baristas and in cocktail making.

This module will open the doors to the knowledge of coffee as a raw material and essential produce in coffee shops; it will also lead you into the world of organoleptic evaluation skills, proper elaboration methods, ways to serve coffee and relevant coffee shop practices needed by baristas that can also be applied to bartending.