Photography from: Presentation | Official Master in Business Tourism Management
Universidad de Barcelona
Academic Offer
Call for applications: October 2021


The CETT-UB Official Masters in Tourism Business Management will provide students with three specialization paths characterized by a holistic view of the tourism industry and starting with the latest trends in management strategies, digital transformation and sustainability.

The master deals with all aspects regarding the management of tourism services, products or businesses: starting with the design of unique products and ending with developing a digital marketing strategy, as well as learning about concepts such as financial and economic management, team management, RSE, and others. Besides, our masterclasses by top experts, our visits to leading companies and the attendance to trade events will enable you to identify the latest trends in the tourism industry.

The CETT-UB Masters in Tourism Businesses Management offers three specialization paths:

Digital Marketing for Tourism: this path focuses on the most crucial issues around digital marketing; you can choose subjects like Web Design, which deals with more operational aspects of marketing, subjects like Social Media Management, Customer Retention and Loyalty, that deal with the more strategic side of marketing or Web Analytics and will give you an insight into its more analytical aspects.

Sustainable and Responsible Tourism: this specialization focuses on developing sustainable and responsible strategies for tourism businesses. The subjects of this specialization path are based around designing sustainable touristic experiences as well as developing sustainable management systems or corporate social responsibility, all seen as key points to manage and coordinate the sustainability needed by a tourism business.

Events Management: this specialization focuses on the planning, development and management of several types of events, related to the MICE sector (Meetings, Incentives, Conferencing, Exhibitions) or to sports or musical events. Subjects such as Experience Management and Operations Management which incorporate innovative methodologies such as Design Thinking or Meeting Design, are key for this specialization.