Postgraduate degree in Revenue Management and Digital Marketing

Modality: Online
Lasting: 1 course (30 ECTS)
Call for applications: 14/10/2019
Languages: Spanish


  • To identify the main strategies in Revenue Management.
  • To manage, organize, and develop clear paths towards the profitability of touristic establishments, by way of applying the right tools for sales and distribution.
  • To know how to choose the tools that allow to maximize revenue in touristic accommodation establishments by way of applying the correct software depending on the type of business.
  • To understand the online distribution channels and acquire the skills to manage them.
  • To get to know the digital marketing environment of a company.
  • To develop a digital marketing plan oriented towards the business objectives and choosing the proper tools in online marketing, such as social media, search engine optimization and advertising, etc. and being able to manage, control, analyze and optimize the results.