Photography from: Introduction | Postgraduate degree in Revenue Management and Digital Marketing
Universidad de Barcelona
Academic Offer
Call for applications: 18/10/2021


CETT-UB’s Postgraduate Degree in Revenue Management and Digital Marketing is a fully online course in which you will learn how to efficiently optimize the revenues of tourist accommodation and products, while guaranteeing clients the very best customer experience.

CETT’s Postgraduate Degree in Revenue Management and Digital Marketing, certified by the University of Barcelona, is a 16-week course which runs twice a year (in October and March). It is organized around three modules. The first module deals with the essential elements of Revenue Management, i.e. how to optimize a tourism company’s income. In this block, you will learn how to set the prices of tourist accommodation services based on market demand and you will also be trained in how to properly apply key sales and distribution techniques.

In the second module, you will deal with cross-curricular issues in business administration and management (IT tools for management, online distribution and reputation, customer loyalty, etc.). You will discover key strategies that have a direct impact on efficient revenue management (optimal financial management, specific revenue management software, etc.).

The third module will open you up to the world of digital marketing applied to the tourism industry. Once you have identified concepts such as SEM, SEO, e-mail marketing, remarketing, inbound marketing and branding, you will learn to use current digital tools that will allow you to design specific actions and campaigns following different strategies through multiple channels (social networks, search engines, etc.). At the end of this module, you will be able to develop a digital marketing plan that enhances the performance of your tourism business.

Upon successfully completing the Postgraduate Degree in Revenue Management and Digital Marketing, you will be awarded a CETT university diploma recognized by the University of Barcelona (UB).