Photography from: Why choose this postgraduate degree | Postgraduate degree in Revenue Management and Digital Marketing
Universidad de Barcelona
Academic Offer
Why choose this postgraduate degree
Call for applications: 15/03/2021

Why choose this postgraduate degree

  1. Because it is the only formal revenue management course in Barcelona with the official backing of a university (Universitat de Barcelona).

  2. Because it introduces the latest digital marketing concepts and applies them specifically to revenue management.

  3. Because it provides a focus on the main administration and revenue management tools currently on the market and will train you how to apply them to a range of different tourist accommodation types.

  4. Because it is practically oriented: in the course you will have to develop a real digital marketing plan and work directly with practical cases raised by professionals currently working in the revenue management industry.

  5. Because you will have access to CETT-UB’s job platform, hosting more than 1,400 job offers a year and with around 700 collaboration agreements signed with the main players in the hotel sector.