Postgraduate degree in Wedding & Social Event Management

Modality: Online
Lasting: 1 course (30 ECTS)
Hours: 750 hours
Languages: Spanish

Methodology and assessment

Methodology The program is developed following a dynamic and flexible methodology, adapted to the educational needs of the students. Through each module in the program, you’ll obtain the key skills to conduct the processes and creation phases of a social event or a wedding: from first contact with the client to the set up and follow-up of the event, taking into account the involvement of external agents that go into play when conducting these types of event. Furthermore, you will learn the basics and the channels to start a business, design a marketing plan and create your own company. In the end, you will have developed an applied project that gives answer to a real challenge that you could face throughout your professional career.


The assessment of the program takes place throughout the modules. Students will present activities, either individually or as a group, which will focus on aspects relevant to the module and which the lecturers will assess progressively. Each activity has a percentage assigned, in regards to the final grade of the module, which will correspond to the difficulty and the required time to write it. Each syllabus specifies the grade percentage of the activities and their due date, in order for the student to be able to schedule and manage their time. The assessment activities are as follows:

  • Intensification activities. These activities of analysis and reflexion in which the students manifest the knowledge and skills learned as well as their correct interpretation of the concepts and trends shown throughout the course. These types of activities are case studies, article analysis, and group activities.
  • Virtual debates around each module. The debates proposed on the forum space are mandatory in nature and, thus, part of the program’s assessment. In the assessment, it is taken into account the following criteria: active participation, reasoned answers, and a proactive behaviour throughout the debate.
  • Professional application project.