Postgraduate degree in Wedding & Social Event Management

Modality: Online
Lasting: 1 course (30 ECTS)
Hours: 750 hours
Languages: Spanish


  • To understand the importance of social events throughout history as a tool in the interrelationships of humans.
  • To contextualize the environment of the development of a professional planner.
  • To describe the target public to direct the activity of the planner in an efficient way.
  • To design a proposal according to the analysis of the needs prior to the event, taking into account the typology of the event and the external agents that will be involved.
  • Value, as part of a budget, all the human, logistical and economic resources in order to move forward with the project.
  • Analyze the viability of the project in alignment with the client.
  • Recommend alternatives that help improve and add value to the event project.
  • Plan a strategy taking into account deadlines and times in the development of the event up until the date selected.
  • Plan the key aspects of the management and the marketing of a wedding and social events company.
  • Develop the communications plan to show a coherent brand image.
  • Understand the development cycle of a wedding or social event project.
  • Identify the latest trends and external agents that play into the management of weddings and social events.
  • Practice the skills acquired throughout the program to kick-start a professional application project in wedding management or any other type of social event.