Postgraduate degree in Wedding & Social Event Management

Modality: Online
Lasting: 1 course (30 ECTS)
Hours: 750 hours
Languages: Spanish


Wedding & Event Design

Module 1: Foundations of the Wedding and the Social Event.

  • Introduction to the Figure of the Planner
  • The industry of Weddings and Social Events
  • History of Weddings
  • Types of Weddings
  • Analysis of the Wedding and Social Events Sector
  • Glossary of Terms

Module 2: The Client of a Wedding or a Social Event

  • Types and Profiles of Clients
  • Difference between Wedding-Client and Event-Client
  • Design of a Project Proposal
  • Best practices with Clients

Module 3: Strategies in Marketing & Business Management.

  • The Business Plan
  • Branding & Personal Branding: Brand Creation
  • Segmentation, Positioning, and Niche-Market Rearch
  • Development of a Marketing Plan

Wedding & Event Planning

Module 4: Wedding and Social Event Management.

  • Steps Towards a Good Strategy
  • Management and Assessment
  • Stages of an Event
  • Priorities Protocol
  • Supplier Management
  • D-Day (The Day of the Event)
  • Legal Considerations Before Organizing a Social Event.

Module 5: Essential Services, Actors and External Services.

  • Hospitality Services
  • Services and Methods in Audiovisual and Telecommunications Setup
  • Methods and Technologies in Access Management and Control
  • Services and Systems in Building Stands and Exhibitions
  • Services in Cultural Entertainment and Show Production
  • Transport to the site of the event and internal group transportation
  • Services in Design, Curation and Printing of Graphic, Video, and Digital resources
  • Other Services
  • Creation of your own Portfolio or Contacts Catalog

Module 6: Dream Workshop, an Applied Knowledge Project.

  • Dream Workshop Briefing
  • Weddings and Social Events
  • Brand/Business Creation