Postgraduate degree in Wedding & Social Event Management

Modality: Online
Lasting: 1 course (30 ECTS)
Hours: 750 hours
Languages: Spanish


The postgraduate degree in Wedding & Social Event Management at CETT-UB is a course designed in collaboration with Wedding Media International and certified by the University of Barcelona. This training has been designed to train professionals in Wedding and Social Event Management, as well as to provide Tourism professionals with the tools to enhance their knowledge of the sector and start a new career path.

The program is designed to show you the ins and outs of becoming a wedding planner and the importance this figure has in the planning and execution of experiences that ensure social interaction and engagement. You’ll learn to identify the different types of client and to guide, assess, and offer viable alternatives that do not interfere with the original purpose of the client’s project.

In order to do so, we will show you the key aspects of management in social events, with special consideration towards weddings. You’ll get to know the different types of wedding (religious, civil, rustic, minimalist, etc.) and the types of social event (religious, celebrations, parties, graduations, etc.). You will learn how to measure the viability of a project, solve budget restrictions, and to choose, manage, and hire services from external suppliers. You will also learn how to manage the day of the event and design an alternative plan for any eventuality that may happen.

This postgraduate degree offers you the tools to develop a professional profile as a Wedding Planner and the skills necessary to start your own business in the sector.