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Universidad de Barcelona
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Methodology and Assessment
Call for applications: September 2021

Methodology and Assessment

The CETT-UB Diploma in Professional Chef is taught in person at the CETT-UB facilities with a 100% application learning methodology from day one and with online resource support. You'll learn:

Evolutionarily and experientially, incorporating new knowledge and skills gradually but continuously, with daily practice and interaction between subjects for a holistic and complete training.

Using the flipped learning methodology, you will prepare the class at home with the resources available in the virtual classroom (videos, interactive cards, articles, podcasts, etc.) to dedicate the sessions in CETT to practice in the kitchen or to apply in the areas of management and innovation. Virtual Campus.

In kitchen classrooms that simulate professional spaces fitted with the most up-to- date equipment and with the capacity to prepare gastronomic and pastry creations for all levels.

In small, multidisciplinary groups: the program is for a maximum of 16 students, who will work in stable teams throughout the course. The diverse and complementary profile will enrich your training experience.

Thanks to the integral application of knowledge and skills, both in cooking and management to the Pop-Up Gastronomic Experience project, you will also have the opportunity to test your business with real customers that you and your team must find through your campaigns on Instagram, among other channels.

Including professional visits, sessions, and demonstrations by chefs and experts and access to the activities of the CETT Gastronomic agenda such as the TrobadaGastronómica.

Thanks to the possibility of practicing at your own pace, in the Open Classroom of culinary simulation, the techniques or recipes that you find more challenging and get to be the expert chef that you dream of.