Photography from: Objectives | Professional Chef Diploma
Universidad de Barcelona
Academic Offer
Call for applications: September 2021


  • Get to know the basics of local and international cuisine, including traditional Spanish, French and Italian cooking, among others.

  • Master advanced concepts not only in cooking, but also in pastry making and in beverages (wine, beer and others).

  • Understand the concept of "evolution cuisine", traditional cuisine updated with new cooking techniques and re-workings of traditional dishes.

  • Gain a solid knowledge of avant-garde cuisine and learn to apply its methods, techniques and innovations.

  • Identify different types of cuisine from around the world (traditional Mexican, French, Japanese, Indian etc.), as well as meet some of the most renowned chefs working in these culinary areas.

  • Design a restaurant business in all its aspects: concept and philosophy, types of dishes and pairing, decoration, human resources and restaurant management.

  • Discover the concepts of "local cuisine", "healthy cuisine" and "sustainable cuisine" and opt for current, wholesome consumer trends.