Photography from: Introduction | Professional Chef Diploma
Universidad de Barcelona
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CETT-UB’s Professional Chef Diploma is a face-to-face course in which you will learn the basics of traditional cooking and pastry making, as well as the latest, most innovative culinary techniques - become a professional chef and design extraordinary gastronomic experiences with a focus on sustainability!

CETT-UB’s Professional Chef Diploma, certified by the University of Barcelona, runs between September and June and is divided into three modules.

The first module deals with the disciplines of gastronomy and pastry making and you will learn a range of different culinary techniques. Beginning with the basics of local cuisine, this module identifies and explains dishes from different cuisines around the world (Italian, traditional Mexican, French, Japanese, Indian etc.). Concepts related to wine and beer tasting and matching are also introduced in this module.

In the second module, you will deal with topics related to culinary processes and innovative technologies, methods and techniques that can be applied to achieve extraordinary flavours and presentations. Also in this module, you will learn how to design and manage a restaurant business – with culinary innovation helping it stand out from the crowd.

The third module introduces the concepts of avant-garde cuisine, dietary health and the different trends of ethical eating. In this module, you will prepare to lead a kitchen team committed to customer satisfaction, with a focus on respect for the product and sustainability.

By the end of the academic modules, you will have completed a 250 hour internship in a real catering establishment, either in Barcelona or abroad. Upon successfully completing the Professional Chef Diploma, you will be awarded a CETT university diploma recognized by the University of Barcelona (UB).