Photography from: Introduction | Professional Chef Diploma
Universidad de Barcelona
Academic Offer
Call for applications: September 2021


The CETT-UB Professional Chef Diploma is a comprehensive, transformative program in which you will learn through a unique methodology to make extraordinary culinary creations from experimentation, culinary innovation, and sustainable awareness.

In 9 months, you will become an expert chef with local and international pastry knowledge. You will make progress from the fundamental cooking techniques to the latest innovations in avant-garde cuisine, as well as in Health & Gastronomy. To complete your gastronomic knowledge you will be introduced to the art of food and wine pairing, thanks to Bar & wine and the wine, beer, and cocktail tastings.

It is a 100% practical program from the first day in which, thanks to our team of specialized chef-teachers, the chef-collaborators and the technical and experimental classrooms at CETT- UB, you will discover how to cook using new appliances, applying the most innovative techniques and even integrating creative processes such as food design thinking into your own creations.

The program includes 700 hours of practical classes in our kitchens and 250 hours of professional practice in the more than 500 hospitality companies we have collaboration agreements with, which will help you advance in the job market.