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Why Choose this Course?

Why Choose this Course?

  1. Because it is the only regulated training course in cookery and gastronomy in Catalonia that has received the backing of a university (University of Barcelona) and that awards a University Extension Diploma (DEU).

  2. Because it will train you to prepare complex gastronomic and pastry creations in a real kitchen, equipped with the latest tools and gadgets.

  3. Because you will learn to cook in an entirely practical way: throughout the course you will develop your own Pop-Up Restaurant, a gastronomic project in which you will be able to put your skills to the test under the supervision of a tutor.

  4. Because you will take part in a range of gastronomic events, with visits to restaurants and trade fairs, as well as talks by experts in the sector.

  5. Because by the end of the course you will have had the chance to undertake a 250 hour internship in real catering companies, either throughout the course duration or in a block upon finishing.