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Sales Strategies Course (taught in English)

Sales Strategies Course (taught in English)


In a competitive environment such as the present one, it is necessary that the professionals who are in contact with the clients of establishments of tourist accommodations, have a series of skills, methods and techniques that allow them to establish an efficient relationship with the clients. In this way, they will be able to qualify for an optimal sale and a satisfied and faithful customer to the brand.

This course provides the necessary keys to achieve this. It also helps improve the interpersonal and communication skills of professionals. In addition, it will awaken the commercial and service capabilities and customer service.

It is a 100% online course, in video format.

It includes the explanation of theoretical concepts, practical examples of Role Plays and self-test evaluation to ensure the acquisition of the knowledge, skills and competencies necessary to succeed in this area.

staff / front-office (tourist accommodation).

staff/ back-office staff (tourist accommodation).

and marketing staff.

professional interested in knowing how to improve and / or to consolidate their
knowledge on different sales and negotiation techniques.



The course will:

  • Understand the importance of the product sales
  • Provide you with the basic knowledge to
    identify the specific customers’ needs.
  • Know how to manage an effective sales planning.
  • Enhance your sales
    management skills to develop effective sales processes.
  • Know how to manage strategies and techniques
    to boost your
  • Learn
    how to implement management concepts and methods to offer tourism products
    and services to customers.
  • Provide you with verbal and non-verbal
    communication skills needed to sell tourism products and clients’
  • Understand that sales is a shared responsibility
    among different departments


After the course you will be able

  • Effectively manage a complete
    sales process
  • Improve your negotiation
  • Improve your interpersonal
    communication capacities
  • Recognize the importance of the
    sales process as a source of additional income for tourist establishments
  • Use upselling and cross-selling
    techniques to increase your incomes
  • Make
    use of active listening strategies to detect the customers’ needs
  • Explain
    the product and services benefits properly in order to encourage customers to
    make a purchase. Value contribution
  • Know the different types of objections
  • Apply the appropriate
    techniques to redirect a sale
  • Use appropriate techniques to
    earn customer loyalty
  • Manage the price in the negotiation
  • Know how successfully close a
    sale at the right time


Tema 1. Fundamentos básicos de la venta.

Tema 2. Cómo mejorar nuestra venta.

Tema 3. Las expectactivas de nuestros clientes.

Tema 4. Cómo reconducir una venta.




Es un curso con metodología 100% online, en formato vídeo. Incluye la explicación de los conceptos teóricos que se complementan con ejemplos prácticos de estilo tipo Role Play.

La evaluación es tipo autotest para asegurar la adquisición de los conocimientos, habilidades y competencias necesarias para triunfar en este ámbito.