Photography from: Objetivos y Competencias | Sales Strategies Course (taught in English)

Universidad de Barcelona
Objetivos y Competencias

Objetivos y Competencias



The course will:

  • Understand the importance of the product sales
  • Provide you with the basic knowledge to
    identify the specific customers’ needs.
  • Know how to manage an effective sales planning.
  • Enhance your sales
    management skills to develop effective sales processes.
  • Know how to manage strategies and techniques
    to boost your
  • Learn
    how to implement management concepts and methods to offer tourism products
    and services to customers.
  • Provide you with verbal and non-verbal
    communication skills needed to sell tourism products and clients’
  • Understand that sales is a shared responsibility
    among different departments


After the course you will be able

  • Effectively manage a complete
    sales process
  • Improve your negotiation
  • Improve your interpersonal
    communication capacities
  • Recognize the importance of the
    sales process as a source of additional income for tourist establishments
  • Use upselling and cross-selling
    techniques to increase your incomes
  • Make
    use of active listening strategies to detect the customers’ needs
  • Explain
    the product and services benefits properly in order to encourage customers to
    make a purchase. Value contribution
  • Know the different types of objections
  • Apply the appropriate
    techniques to redirect a sale
  • Use appropriate techniques to
    earn customer loyalty
  • Manage the price in the negotiation
  • Know how successfully close a
    sale at the right time